Hello and welcome to Kristin Maier Home! That’s me, Kristin. I’m a thirty-something newlywed living with my husband and two cats in the San Francisco Bay Area. Natives of the Boston area, we relocated to the Bay Area three years ago to pursue the dream of living life in California.

I’ve been an organizer and decorator at heart for as long as I can remember. I spent hours upon hours during my childhood decorating my room (and my home), envisioning how I would redecorate rooms in friends’ homes, and drafting and designing home floor plans on grid paper (thanks for the endless supply of paper, dad!). I’m a lover of bargain hunting and a good buy. A cat enthusiast. Baker. Homebody.

This blog is a place where I share my passion for organizing and decorating and give you a glimpse into my life(style). I’ve been budget-conscious since I was a child, so you’ll find in this blog that I’m always striving to maximize my budget without sacrificing style or quality.

I hope you find inspiration and ideas to make your house a home and a life that brings you joy. Thank you for stopping by!